Akadimia is building the first interactive, Artificially intelligent digital library of all time…

Instead of reading about Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, you will now be able to summon them and interact with their digital versions!!

Akadimia‘s goal is to transition humanity towards a sustainable, interactive education and make education accessible to all humankind. Anyone in the world will be able to conversate and learn from prominent figures that changed the course of history.

Who else can make the Theory of Relativity more interesting than Alber Einstein? Or perhaps talk to Al Khwarizmi about Algorithms. Soon this will not just be a fantasy, but it will become a reality. The futuristic “Star Wars” era is about to begin, and you better be ready because Akadimia is bringing it to you.

The late great Steve Jobs once said, “do you know who the alexander the greats tutor was for about 14 years… Aristotle, I read this, and I became immensely jealous! I think I would’ve enjoyed that a great deal! Through the miracle of the printed page, I can at least read what Aristotle wrote without an intermediary, and maybe if there’s a professor, then they can add to that, but at least I can go directly to the source material, but I can’t ask Aristotle a question, I mean I can, but I can’t get an answer!!! my hope is that in our lifetimes we can make a tool of a new kind, of an interactive kind …. We are now entering another revolution of new energy… free intellectual energy, it’s crude very crude, but it’s getting more refined year after year and in our lifetimes it should get very refined and so my hope is someday when the next Aristotle is alive we can capture the underlying world view of that Aristotle in a computer and someday some student will be able to not only read the words Aristotle wrote but ask Aristotle a question and get an answer, that’s what I can hope we can do, I think that there is such big momentum behind this that it will happen it will permeate and change forever our educational processes and my hope again is that not too many generations of students will pass through before this happens, it will happen within 20 years, it probably will happen within 10 years, but it could happen within 5 years.”

Believe it or not, that long quote is from a talk that Steve Jobs had in Sweden in 1985! That’s 36 YEARS AGO.
Finally, today by utilizing the technological advancements of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented reality, we are striving to make education more interesting; by giving life to your curiosity, we want you to feel the joy of learning and progressing.

As Akadimias AI is trained further, Akadimias AI will get more refined, enabling you to have the most realistic AR experience and get the most out of your own education, helping you become the best version of yourself.